Ron Tabachnick (formerly Talbot)

Words are so limited to express what I am feeling. I had a wonderful challenging (in a positive way) spiritual friendly relationship with my dear friend. I just called to say hello, after not speaking for 2 years. Ryan shocked me with the news. Tamara’s rebirthing talents and tenderness will always be remembered along with our varied conversation about personal growth/awareness, the numerous workshops I attended to wake up my consciousness, especially the practical rebirthing sessions that awakened to my magical contrary nature. As some of you will remember if you participated, Tamara’s suggestion to go through the human birth canal backwards was one of the most enlightening exercise I have ever experienced. Her insight touched me deeply and allowed me to growth immensely. Why did I have to lose a friend to realize I did have a good relationship with her? Lisa, Ryan – May the Great Spirit comfort you to heal the loss of your dear mother. She always got excited when she spoke of you and the grand kids. Blessings!