Ralph and Karen Lewis

Our heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family on Tamara’s passing. Like everyone I’m sure, we’re feeling a mix of great sorrow at losing her and relief for her that her suffering has ended.

From what we saw, Tamara displayed impressive courage and dignity in the way she endured her progressively deteriorating health and all the discomfort it brought. She also seemed somehow able to maintain a philosophical outlook through it all, in her conversations with those of us who were not privy to her day-to-day struggles.

She was a very dear friend to my mother and the two of them felt a strong long-term bond of love, caring and mutual respect.

We will remember Tamara as a warm, generous, good humoured, principled person full of life, passion and interest in the world, people and ideas. She was a non-conformist who marched to her own drum with a clear sense of her own values and beliefs. We had a soft spot for her (with all her unconventional beliefs and practices 😊) and feel privileged to have known her. We’ll miss her and remember her fondly.