Minnie Schamroth and Michael Feldman

We have lost our beloved sister Tamara. It is some comfort that she is no longer having to bear the pain and suffering she endured bravely for many, many months.

It feels so strange that she is no longer there, as she was always so full of life, and full of fun. She will be much missed by us, by Ryan and Jennifer, by Lisa and Edward, and her four much loved grandchildren. She will also be missed by a huge range of people she engaged with in her own unique and unforgettable way. She had a great capacity to enjoy people and to enjoy life in all its aspects. She was a thoughtful, considerate person, with much knowledge about the world. She was always very quick to offer interesting solutions to any difficulties, to any anxiety or pain that she encountered in others. She had a wonderful repertoire of remedies for just about anything, and she loved sharing her knowledge and experience. It was important for her to try to alleviate pain and distress wherever she found it, and the willingness and love with which she gave advice for just about anything was legendary.

I think there were many people who were enriched by the way she listened and spoke with them, often out of her own experience of anxiety, disappointment and suffering, and I think we were all enriched by her wonderful zest for life. I think she had struggled to deal with some of the frustrations in her early life, and seems latterly to have found a mature, philosophical outlook, more tolerant and forgiving (most of the time!). She was drawn to ancient, spiritual wisdom, in which I think she took comfort, and which she wanted to share with others.

Tamara was completely devoted to her children, Ryan and Lisa, and to their children Jeremy, Aviva, Joey and Danielle. I know they will all miss her enormously, but I am sure that the way she enriched and deepened their experience of people, and of the world, will always remain with them. She will also be greatly missed by her immediate family in London with whom she always felt very close. She shared her joys and suffering with her older sister Minnie in particular, and gained enormous and loving support from their long conversations, especially in the last, difficult months of her life.

She was a wonderful, big presence in all our lives and she will be greatly missed.