Lynne Jenkins

Tamara and I were both Natural health Care Professionals and trained and taught together many times for over 40 years. Tamara was always inquisitive and ahead of the times and always looking for how things could be done naturally. She was as they would say today “Be the change you want to see”. She taught me so much and gave so much to the community. We were both strong women and sometimes batted heads but it never lasted for long and the love and respect for each other always brought us back on track. Tamara faced her illness with such grace and dignity it was a true inspiration. She did not feel sorry for herself, was not angry or even depressed. She took it all in her stride and met each daily issue with good humour and acceptance. One day Tamara took my face in her hands and began singing “I’ll be seeing you in all the old familiar places” which took me by surprise as this was a song that had been sung in an adjoining room when my mother was passing away. It was then I understood that there are things that we do not understand and that there is a force greater than us guiding our lives and looking after us. And yes, dear Tamara. I will be seeing you.