Diane Hall

I found two lovely snapshots of your Mom in my Friends’s Album: one was an afternoon of wine/scarf tying at Anca’s and the group photo was taken of the Social Committee at one of our many social events. Your Mom was an active member and contributor to that Committee. She cared about the people, our condo and our little community. She will be missed!

I first met Tamara in the pool in the summer of 2011. She introduced herself and invited me for dinner on her balcony (the first person to invite me into her home). It was a delicious meal, as I recall, and we talked about Africa because I had lived and worked in W. & E. Africa (Tanzania) for six years. When going through her kitchen, I hope you retrieve some of her delicious recipes: tapenade, cranberry sauce, fruit compote for cheeses, soups, cookies, etc. She was a wonderful cook and always the gracious hostess.

I am so very glad that three of us trekked through the snowstorm last Saturday to visit her at Bridgepoint (Paul, Jane and myself). My last visit with her. We even had lunch together downstairs and had a lovely conversation about all sorts of things, including Harry and Meghan. She was upset with her short hair because she thought it looked too masculine, but I told her it was quite chic. We all thought she looked remarkably splendid with the smart new haircut, lovely fuchsia robe and newish slippers. She was quite engaged and had all sorts of opinions on what we were discussing — her normal self. 🙂

I am very sorry for your and Ryan’s loss but happy Tamara is no longer suffering. So much pain and for so long. She died with dignity and on her own terms, surrounded by those she loved! She did it “her way”. She was quite the lady, always spoke her mind, and when she really disagreed with something or thought it was just wrong — her favourite line was “that’s just rubbish!!”