Beulah Esakov

Tamara came into my life 55 years ago when she married my cousin Mervyn. Little did I know then the impact she would have on me. We never lost touch no matter how far apart we lived and in the freezing Toronto weather in February welcomed us to Canada and eased us into our life in our new environment.

Our families celebrated Jewish holidays and family simchas together as well as helping each other get through sad times. Tamara always arrived with baskets and pots laden with food.

Family came first in her life. She treasured her family history and kept in touch with relatives all over the world.

Tamara made thing happen and was always positive. She had a strong personality and diverse interests – some which she tried in vain to make mine.

I loved her Yiddish jokes – her accent was perfect and I always felt she should have been on the stage. She was creative, colourful – could be biting, sweet, loving but always caring. She surrounded herself with people from every walk of life and developed special relationships. Tamara was at one with nature and very spiritual. She was in charge of her life and lived every day to the full.

I loved her and will miss her in my life.