Alan Schamroth

Ryan and Lisa, the funeral is over and our mourning continues. Your mom was larger than life, strong and generous. Not one of life’s meek and insignificant. She always made a lasting, vivid and colourful impression. She was passionate and not content to simply describe the world, she wanted to change it! There was always energy, enthusiasm and authenticity. She believed in the sacred cause of healing and although one can be critical of her means, her aim was always principled. We are all imperfect and we all carry baggage, but I feel she carried more than was right for anyone. Yet in spite of her personal history, she made a brave decision to leave an unjust country when so many others took the oh so easy option and stayed. She heroically relocated her young family to a foreign land and in the only way she could, raised you guys with little help. There are so many wonderful attributes I see that she passed on to you both. She will always be there in our thoughts, your personalities, your behaviour and your values. I weep with both your families for your and our loss.