Tamara is one of the few Rebirthers I can recommend without reservations.
~ Leonard Orr, Founder of Rebirthing

Rebirthing is transformational through breath, body, and mind mastery.
You have to do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Once in a while a technique comes along that can quite literally change the quality of your Life – Tamara Penn has many years experience & great success guiding her clients in healing with Energy Breathing.

Rebirthing is a relaxed breathing process that makes use of the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

A technique of simple, deep, smoothly-connected breaths, it floods the body with oxygen, enabling the breather to function as the Creator intended. Increased energy is felt, stimulating mental clarity, balance, emotional vitality and physical well-being. The use of this powerful breathing technique enables one to understand the way in which negative thoughts hinder growth.

The objective of Rebirthing is to learn how to move energy in the mind and body using the breath. ‘The Breath and the Mind are the King and Queen of consciousness’ – Leonard Orr – founding ‘father’ of Rebirthing.

You learn to breath energy as well as air. In the process, trauma of suppressed, unexpressed emotions are surrendered. These suppressions need not be re-experienced for healing to occur. You begin to catch glimpses of accumulated, buried thoughts and suppressions that continue to act as messages which you often respond to unconsciously.

Tension, fear and resistance dissolve as breathing flows more easily and becomes fuller and more free.

Breathing in a conscious, connected way, you become more aware of your thought and behavior patterns. The energy, which may be called prana, chi, ruach, or life force, is taken into the system along with oxygen. A ‘breath release’ takes place as your breath breathes you. Resistances are vibrated out of the body for the purpose of healing on many levels.

To be fully understood, Rebirthing must be experienced.

Your breath is the vital link between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

At times, breathing is shallow – hardly noticeable. This is connected to the first moment of life outside of the womb when you were forced to breathe for the first time – a traumatic moment for most. Re-experiencing birth is only necessary as long as trauma is inhibiting the breathing mechanism. At the first breath, conclusions were formed associating breathing with pain, fear and the thought that life is painful – or even death itself.

You can learn to create a new reality

Once in touch with these deep-seated suppressions of attitudes and emotions, you can learn to create a new reality – one in which you experience safety, trust, pleasure and fulfillment. Every moment becomes an opportunity to express your creative potential and abundant love, which is always present. As an on-going process, you begin to experience lasting changes such as increased energy, deeper levels of awareness and relaxation, fuller relaxed breathing, renewed vitality, optimism and joyful aliveness.

“Relaxation is as close as your next breath.”

Whatever you think – you’re right!

Thought is creative. Since you create your reality, your thoughts are the force which manifests that reality. It is the quality of your consciousness that creates the quality of your life.

Lies we tell ourselves:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I don’t deserve love”
  • “I can’t get what I want”
  • “Life is a struggle”
  • “There is something wrong with me”

These are some of the personal lies that run our lives. During the process of Rebirthing, we unravel these personal lies and create life-enhancing affirmations which become personal laws.

We attract the very situations pertaining to the thought – to produce the result

These “personal lies” are perpetuated by constant validation (i.e. seeing them as truths). Starting from conception to the moment of birth, through childhood, you form conclusions based on your individual experience. These conclusions are often not beneficial to your well-being, yet you continue to live them out. These thoughts are within your subconscious and need to be brought to consciousness and integrated, so that they no longer act as creative forces in your life. Rebirthing is a tool which can aid you in this integration.

Creating Safety in your Life

The presence of an experienced Rebirther creates a level of safety – an anchor to support you through this process. The actual Rebirthing involves a series of sessions – each approximately one and one-half hours to two hours long. The Rebirther is a coach and guides the breathing. Sensations are felt, along with images, thoughts, sounds, colours, physical and emotional releases – laughter or tears. Any disquieting effects can be dispelled by the presence of a competent Rebirther who has experienced enough rebirthing training to provide a safe, secure and loving environment during the sessions. The Rebirther can help you identify any stuck or blocked issues. The continuity and trust generated by this relationship will accelerate your growth.

Specific benefits

The immediate benefits are fuller and freer breathing, reduced stress and increased aliveness.

The longer-term benefits of Rebirthing are cumulative:

  • releasing toxins
  • conscious breathing
  • increasing physical comfort
  • full, free and conscious living
  • unraveling limiting psychological patterns
  • releasing deep-seated tensions in the body
  • healing the body and the breathing mechanism

In addition, people often report having deep spiritual experiences.

Reading about Rebirthing is helpful, but to fully understand Rebirthing, it must be experienced. The example – to tell somebody about a strawberry – how delicious and juicy it is, its shape and colour, etc. – doesn’t provide the experience of biting into and tasting the strawberry itself.

I’ve been a Breath Coach/Rebirther for 30 years. As your Rebirther, I lend support and safety and give instructions and suggestions for adjustments in your physical, metal and emotional process. However, you steer your own course.

Truly, Rebirthing can be “The Science of Enjoying All of Your Life” (a book by this same name has been changed to “Vivation” by Jim Leonard). Hence I encourage support and provide whatever I “know” to work in your process of moving more towards freeing yourself from hindrances and suppression that, in fact, inhibit your full expression, aliveness and joy.

  • Private Rebirthing consultation (by appointment only)
  • Seminars on Rebirthing & Personal Growth
  • One Year Seminar groups (see OYS – (monthly group seminar)
    “Quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever created” – Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing
  • Monthly Breathing Circles
  • Speaking engagements, workshops and lectures
  • Conference presentations
  • Corporate Stress Management

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