Why use essences?

Vibrational remedies and essences are typically used to clear us of blocks in our systems, inherited, genetic or acquired through our experience of life. They bring us to greater awareness and clear-sightedness about our condition as human beings. They also support us in our process of becoming who we would like to be so that our higher selves may manifest here on earth.

Remedies and essences work primarily at an emotional and mental level but the results are far-reaching. Because of the inter-connection between mind, body and spirit, actual physical problems may be resolved.

From ancient times to the present day it has been known that flowers, trees and gems embody transformational healing powers. In today’s scientific culture we need to be very sure that we are not working from wishful thinking or hear-say. Instead, we are validating our experience of using the beautiful energy of the nature’s gifts.

Essence practitioners from all over the world are uniting to create a body of research which provides evidence to show that our lives are transformed in an entirely safe, nurturing and healing manner through vibrational essences.

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