Types of essences

When I attended the 1998 International Flower Essence Conference at Findhorn, Scotland, attended by over 400 delegates, there were at least 40 producers of various essences ranging from South Africa to the Indian Himalayas, from Argentina to the Netherlands. Vibrational essences are quickly becoming recognized as effective, non-invasive and natural forms of healing and becoming more and more accepted in the cultural mainstream.

Over the years I have used and experienced essences from a great variety of producers. Personally, I use are those by Healing Herbs. It’s wonderful that we now have many Canadian essence producers. The ones I am most familiar with are:

  • Living Light Energies®
    “As a professional flower essence practitioner/teacher since 1979, I quickly realized the potential of The Living Light Energies® to achieve a profound and rapid transformation of one’s consciousness.By incorporating metaphysical principles of self-healing in a new way. I believe that The Living Light Energies® represent a quantum leap in the application of vibrational healing for the enhancement one one’s own well being as well as for the benefit of the entire planet at this pivotal time in human evolution.”~ Tamara Penn, RIHR
  • Canadian Forest Tree Essences

    Trees are the oldest largest living beings on earth and play an essential role in the maintaining life on this planet. A new series of essences that record the energy impression of memory of trees from the Canadian forest. These essences can be taken to nourish oneself with the presence or resonance of these trees and for support in healing.

  • Raven Essences

    Developed in the last few years by Andrea Milinkovich.

  • Pacific Essences

    These high-integrity essences were developed by Sabina Pettit, author of the book “Energy Medicine – Pacific Flower and Sea Essences.

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