Flower Essences

Pretty Face

A poem by Tamara Penn
Greater beauty within this trine
The Three, the Six are pure Divine
It's time for your beauty to unfold
Courage to be who you truly are-
Six points a glorious petal star.
Far, far beyond your knowing
The inner beauty now is showing
Petals of yellow striped in black
Go deeper, deeper - never look back.
Deeper into the central core
The blue of pollen to adore
Come wind, come rain - any weather
Surrounded by my kind - we bloom together
Open, receiving here we stand,
Bold and beautiful - very grand
A greater Light, a greater Glory,
From inside - I have the Story.

Flower, tree and gem essences (remedies)

I wrote this poem while studying with the Flower Essence Society (FES). Pretty Face is a very small member of the lily family. We became "friends" in the alpine-type mountains of California.

In 1979, when I first experienced the Bach Flower Remedies, I connected so deeply and felt the effects so profoundly that I wanted to share them with other people. Back then, it was so "far out," "new age," or "whoo-whoo," that to even suggest to someone that their stress may be relieved by taking 4 drops of Rescue Remedy, was to risk looking and sounding very odd. Today it is okay to be "odd" in this way and people have now heard about flower essences and are willing to use them.

I became a Certified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner in 1984, although I was already teaching about Bach Flower Remedies at the time. I have also trained with the Flower Essence Society of California, Living Light Essences®, Canadian Forest Tree Essences, and Andre Korte of Korte PHI® Switzerland (Amazonian Orchid & Antique Rose Essences.) I have self-studied on essences that I use in my practice, including the Raven Essences (Canadian), the Bailey Flower Essences (UK), Pacific Essences (Canadian), Hawaiian Essences (USA), Matrix Essences (USA) and Crystal Herbs (Karmic & Angel Essences (UK).

Through this extensive training, I am well versed in the use of vibrational essences and as a highly intuitive guide, I assist people in their choice of appropriate remedies.

Educating others for self-help is my objective. People from all walks of life - from professional health care practitioners to the lay person - have benefited considerably from private sessions, reading books and attending my seminars on essences, which are conducted regularly.

For private Essence Consultations (by appointment only) call Tamara Penn at (416-544-9244).

Upcoming seminars to learn more about essences and vibrational healing are listed in our Events Section.

Once a year, in the warmer weather, Tamara takes essences students into the country for a 3 - 4 day retreat THE FLOWERING for practical hands on experience and an opportunity to play, learn relax and access a deeper part of yourself.

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