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Tamara has made numerous public appearances over the years on a variety of topics, including Rebirthing, Flower, Tree & Gem Essences, Prosperity, Relationships, Vibrational Healing, Reflexology and Sprouting Living Foods. Her engagements always prove to be humorous, entertaining and enlivening, with audience participation often encouraged.

Her presentations are customized for each audience and she is as comfortable in the corporate boardroom, as she is with a volunteer organization. At the moment, Tamara is in the throes of creating a new CD-Rom and accompanying Affirmation Cards.

  • Speaking Engagements — Beauty World, Centennial College, Humber College, Inspiration University, York University, Reflexology Association of Canada, Oakville Women’s Business Club, Whole Life Expo, Global Inspiration Conference, World Healing Meditation
  • Radio Appearances – CFRB, CHUM Radio (Andy Barry Show), Jane Horton Show
  • TV Appearances – Rogers Cable,
  • Print Publications – Vitality Magazine, Health Naturally, New Directions, Eye For The Future, Omega Source

Published Articles:

Tamara has two ‘cameo’ appearance in this 6.25 minute production in 2007: 

  • How do we use the Law Of Attraction to effect change on a Global scale?
  • How do we keep our minds focused on the Possibilities, in spite of the problems?
  • If we take the time to contemplate what change looks like, what freedom, equality, peace, justice, perfect health, food and shelter for all, looks like, we can begin now to write a new script, we can begin now, individually and collectively to
  • ReDEFINE and in so doing, ReDESIGN the World we wish to live in.
  • It is up to us to ReDEFINE our future now.
  • It is up to us to ReDEFINE everything!!!!!!!
  • Begin by watching this 24 verse affirmation of gratitude, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, and Bob Proctor, “The Secret”.
    Redefining the Dream

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