tamara turquoiseTamara Penn, RIHR MBW, professional Rebirther, is a charter member of the International Rebirthing Centre and (space) trained with Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing. For twelve years, Tamara would pack up her children, send them off to camp for the month of July, and go to California to Campbell Hot Springs, the International Rebirthing Centre to ‘study’ with Leonard and other top notch Rebirthers. She participated in the annual Rebirthing convention every July. As part of her commitment to the transformative effects of Rebirthing energy breathing, Tamara was the National coordinator of the IBF (International Breath Foundation). As founder of Seminars of D’Light and Penn & Associates, Tamara seeks the cutting edge with people and of organizations dedicated to personal and global transformation.

In 1984 she certified as a Bach Flower Remedy Counselor, Practitioner and Teacher, although she had been using and teaching about vibrational healing years before. Tamara was also involved in the founding of AVEC (Association of Vibrational Essences of Canada). In 1979 she became a certified Reflexology Practitioner & Teacher.and then taught the first adult education classes in Reflexology at Humber College. She studied at the College of Spiritual Psychotherapy in the UK. Her other studies have included:

  • Colour Therapy
  • Light
  • Sound Past Lives
  • Polarity Therapy
  • Pranic Healing
  • Hands On Healing
  • Chakra Balancing

In addition, she brought Holographic Repatterning to Canada and facilitated 24 seminars and during this time became one of the first Certified Practitioner in 1997.

She loves to travel and has organized several groups on transformational journeys to sacred places.

Career and Specialism

Tamara knows what it takes. A mother of two and grandmother of four (her biggest teachers), her eclectic career in healing consciously began in the late 1970s. In addition to her private practice, her work spans many continents, enthusiastically teaching seminars, workshops and (OYS) one-year seminar groups. She has also taught for the London School of Natural Healing. Her focus on self-actualization includes writing and audio recordings. She has also appeared on the radio and television.

Tamara has organized and promoted for many world leaders in the field of transformation and healing, including:

  • Leonard Orr (founder of Rebirthing)
  • Dr. Sandra Seagal (Jungian Therapist & Ontologist)
  • Paul Solomon (Founder of the Fellowship of the Inner Light, Mystic, Channeler, Healer & Teacher)
  • Sondra Ray (Mother of Rebirthing, author, co-founder of the LRT (Loving Relationships Training), Founder of Sacred Renewal Breathwork and healer)
  • Brett Andrew Murray (Rebirther & Channeler)
  • Dan Brule (International Rebirthing Mater)
  • Chloe Wordsworth (Founding Developer of Holographic Repatterning)
  • Dr. Rolando Carbonelle (Mystic, Swami, Samari, Zen Master & Crystal Guru of the Orient)
  • David Parker (Master coach in Co-Dependency Life Style/Breath Coach).

Tamara has taught and lectured herself on personal growth and transformation in Canada, the U.S.A., Spain, Mexico and India. Topics include:

  • Rebirthing
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Prosperity
  • Reflexology
  • Sprouting Living Foods
  • Affirmation & Visualization process.

Working with Tamara

Some consider Tamara to be ‘the word police’ She is not shy to ‘correct’ a word, a meaning or ask for clarity on what was said and what was meant. Her humour is an ongoing gift. The Global Inspiration Conference in Wisconsin and Trivedi Wellness Retreat in Chicago were exposed to her humour and the audiences were “rolling with laughter”.

Laughter is such a great healer
~ Tamara

Tamara is intuitive and her empathy creates trust and a sense of creating safety for healing the lifelong wounds of inadequacy, disappointment, failure and indifference. Her philosophy of life teaches acceptance in a profound and loving way – her sparkle and enthusiasm are contagious. Tamara incorporates many natural systems like colour, sound, aroma Frequency and vibrational healing to enhance wellness on all levels.

Perhaps the most important thing that can be said about Tamara is that she teaches skills which accelerate change. She has a genuine interest in people and makes a difference in the lives of all whom she touches – a difference which empowers them to continue to grow and transform according to their own Divine Authority. The God of their own understanding.

Memberships, Certifications & Connected Works

  • 1979, Certified Reflexologist
  • 1980-1985, College of Spiritual Psychology (White Lodge, England)
  • 1984, Certified Bach Flower Remedies Counselor
  • 1989, First International Conference on Holistic Health & Medicine
  • 1989, Philippines Healing Circle
  • 1989, Certificate, Psycho-immunology
  • 1992 Flower Essence Society training (F.E.S.)
  • 1993 International Flower Essence Convention (Findhorn)
  • 1995, Advanced Pranic Healing
  • 1997, Certified Holographic Repatterning Practitioner
  • 1998, Master Practitioners Course II, Living Light Essences
  • 2001 Presenter at the Global Inspiration Conference
  • 2003 Debt Freedom Canada
  • 2007 MediConsult; Certified Technician & Representative
  • 2011 Trivedi Master Healers programme
  • Member of the Canadian Dowsers
  • Member of the Toronto Dowsers

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  • counseling (by appointment either in person or on Skype)
  • consultations on Life Solutions
  • group stress management lectures
  • group presentations on humour
  • seminars and workshops (online or telephone registration)

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